Celebrating Women’s Big Cricket Month. Beth Hood Q&A.


Where did you start playing and how old were you?
I was about 8/9 when I first started playing. 

Any advice about getting into cricket which is a male dominated sport?When I started there were quite a lot of other girls at Swardeston and even now there are thousands of female cricket players around (which is fab!) so I’ve never really considered cricket being a totally male dominated sport.

What do you see as the obstacles in cricket to get girls and women playing?
The perception of cricket being a ‘boring’ sport (but once they actually do play they will realise it isn’t!), and the perception that it is dominated by boys. 

What have you learned so far through playing cricket?
I have learned the importance of teamwork and creating friendships in each team. 

Do you have any superstitions before a match?
I don’t actually have any superstitions … I just take every match as it comes! 

Batter or bowler?

Slip or cover?

What is your greatest cricketing achievement?
Getting 5 for 13 in a school cricket match a few years ago!

What is your favourite ground?
Lower Close at Norwich school 

Which one bit of advice would you pass on to women or girls wanting to start playing?
Always give it a go! You never know it might be the sport for you! 

How did your love of cricket blossom or develop?
From playing hours upon hours in the garden with my brother! 

Do your family or relatives play?
My dad and brother both play, that’s how I got into the sport. 

Which recent team mate has the best taste in clothes?
Kitty Taylor 😉

In your opinion who is the funniest cricketer you know?
I am quite lucky to have met Ebony Rainford-Brent and she was very funny! 

Which other sports do you enjoy playing and would recommend to take up?
I enjoy playing netball and tennis when it isn’t cricket season. 

Indoor or outdoor cricket?
Outdoor! Although indoor during the wintertime is really great fun and a fab use for cold Sunday afternoons! 

What is the first thing you pack before a match?
Always snacks!


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