Celebrating Women’s Big Cricket Month. Caitlin Dye Q&A.


Caitlin has been a Swardeston member since 2017. This month she heads off to York St John University to begin her BA Hons degree in Physical Education and Sports Coaching.

Caitlin in bowling action

Any advice about getting into cricket which is a male dominated sport?
I was the only girl in the cricket team through school and to this day the boys I played with are brothers to me. If anyone had anything to say they had my back. You play as a team and you are part of that team! I guess what I’m saying is if you want to do it and you enjoy it then go for it! Boy or girl it shouldn’t stop you.

Which primary school did you go to and which high school?
Hillside Primary School and Thorpe St Andrew High School.

Do you have any superstitions before a match?
I always travel to games with my headphones in. Music really gets me match ready!

Batter or bowler?

Slip or cover?

What is your greatest cricketing achievement?
Making my debut for Norfolk Ladies against Holland when I was 14. 

Which recent team mate has the best taste in clothes?
Abi Flatt for sure, always looks cool!

In your opinion who is the funniest cricketer you know?
Ben Chapman never fails to make me laugh! 

Who is the best cricketer you have played with?
Robyn Edge 100%!!

What is your favourite ground?
Postwick. I started playing at Norwich Cricket Club. It is just very nostalgic whenever I play there! Always get a good feeling! Also got my best bowling and batting figures there.

Which one bit of advice would you pass on to women or girls wanting to start playing?
Just go for it! You only ever regret what you don’t do. 

How did your love of cricket blossom or develop?
When I was 10 dad bowled a ball to me on holiday on the beach. I copied him and bowled it back. Apparently it was quite good so when I got home I got myself into the school kwik cricket team and got referred to county later that year! 

Do your family or relatives play?
Dad played for Norfolk when he was younger!

Which other sports do you enjoy playing and would recommend to take up?  
Throughout school I played every sport I could get my hands on! Netball, rounders, cricket I even did rowing… not sure why haha! Dance was a massive thing for me! I have danced since I was three, it’s so much fun and it’s great for strengthening! Ballerina to cricket player, who would have thought it?!

Where are you heading this month and to study what? 
I am heading to York St John University to study Physical Education and Sports Coaching (BA Hons). So excited!!

What will be the first thing to pack?
Is it bad if I say my phone charger? Got to make sure the phone is charged! Nanny will ring me a lot!!

Caitlin with former England captain Michael Vaughan.

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