Celebrating Women’s Big Cricket Month. Abi Sutherland Q&A.


We’re helping to celebrate the ECB’s Women’s Big Cricket Month here at Swardeston. The second in our series of Q&A articles with our players features Abi Sutherland.

Abi joined Swardeston after taking part in some coaching at her primary school provided by the club.

She is currently at the University of Lincoln studying Sports Development and Coaching.

Where did you start your cricket?
Primary School in year 6 and then came along to Swardeston. Stayed all through school.
Which primary school did you go to and High School?
Cringleford Primary School and Norwich High School for Girls and Easton and Otley College, Norfolk. 
Thinking about getting into cricket, which is a male dominated sport, what do you see as the obstacles in cricket to get girls and women playing?
Lack of awareness and not having the same opportunities as the men. 
What have you learned so far through playing cricket? 
Teamwork and being able to coach the sport. 
Do you have any superstitions before a match?
Always ask bat 11 and then hope I don’t get in. 
Batter or bowler?
Slip or cover?
What is your greatest cricketing achievement?
Playing for the county. 
Who is the best cricketer you have played with?
Beth Harmer.
What is your favourite ground?
Hethersett and Tas Valley.
Which one bit of advice would you pass on to women or girls wanting to start playing?
Don’t be intimidated by more experienced players, keep trying. 
Do your family or relatives play?
Absolutely not, but dad seems to think he’s played for years. 
Which recent team mate has the best taste in clothes?
Couldn’t choose, all awful. 
In your opinion who is the funniest cricketer you know and where do they play?
Lucy Morton – Hethersett and Tas Valley.
Where are you this month and what are you continuing to study?
University of Lincoln – Sports Development and Coaching.
What is the first thing you pack when you travel away to play a match?
Pack lunch.


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