Celebrating Women’s Big Cricket Month. Abi Flatt Q&A.


Abi is currently in the Sixth Form at Norwich School studying English Literature, Drama and Geography. Abi was the first-ever Norwich School girl to score a 50.

Where did you start your cricket? 
I started my cricket at Swardeston CC.

Which primary school did you go to and high school? 
I went to Town Close till I was 10 years old and have been at Norwich School for the last seven years.

What do you see as the obstacles in cricket to get girls and women playing?
It’s not as well publicised therefore it doesn’t catch the attention of many girls and women, however this has started to change which is great to see! 

What have you learned so far through playing cricket?
The fact that how you work and act as a team can impact a game in any way.

Do you have any superstitions before a match?
During batting I always have to twist my bat around two times and tap it on the ground before I face a ball! 

Batter or bowler?
Depends on the day…

Slip or cover?

What is your greatest cricketing achievement?
Being the first Norwich School girl to score a 50 ever.

Who is the best cricketer you have played with?
Beth Harmer. 

What is your favourite ground?
The Common, Swardeston, or Acle CC.

Which one bit of advice would you pass on to women or girls wanting to start playing?
Make sure you have lots of fun and don’t be afraid to try new skills!

How did your love of cricket blossom or develop?
Through Swardeston!

Do your family or relatives play?
Yes my brother has played since I can remember!

Which recent team mate has the best taste in clothes?
Caitlin Dye.

In your opinion who is the funniest cricketer you know and where do they play?
Beth Harmer.

Which other sports do you enjoy playing and would recommend to take up? 
Hockey because it’s such a skilful and fun game! As well as allowing you to meet lots of new people any age (just like cricket!).

Where are you this month and what are you continuing to study?
I’m in Sixth Form at Norwich School- I’m studying English Literature, Drama and Geography.

What is the first thing you pack when you travel away to play a match? Chocolate/snacks.


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