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We have received an update from Dan Weston, Founder, and Roger Feiner, CEO, of the European Cricket League.

Some big news coming up on Monday which will see ECL21 officially launched and Dan will reveal which clubs will be invited to take part in 2021.

Swardeston captain Joe Gatting will also be part of the live show on the European Cricket Studio at 4pm UK BST.


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April 17, 2020

Dear President, Chairperson, Federation and Club Partners,

First and foremost, we do hope that you are all safe and well. Of course, we all suffer when not able to play our beloved sport, but cricket will surely be back on the menu soon – and we will be as hungry as ever to play. On behalf of our organization and further to our recent calls, please allow us to provide to you with the following short notes.

1. European Cricket League 21 (ECL21)

We are pleased to advise that the staging of ECL21 will be officially announced during our new live show, called “European Cricket Studio” on Instagram (under our profile handle @europeancricket) this Monday, April 20, 2020 at 17:00 CEST. During the live and interactive show. Daniel Weston will be interviewed and will reveal the dates and which clubs will be invited to participate in ECL21.

2. Dream11 European Cricket Series (ECS)

We have commenced a brand-new cricket event called the “Dream11 European Cricket Series”. The first event was held in Alicante, Spain earlier this year before the Coronavirus temporarily shut down subsequent events. We plan to do 20 ECS events per year, across Europe, in partnership with cricket Federations’ and host Clubs.

We are standing ready to re-launch the next events as it is safe to do so. As a Federation and Club partnership we offer sponsorship, support, broadcasting and organization of a thrilling week of cricket to you.

We are asking each interested Federation to nominate a venue with power and internet connectivity, in which to host six local domestic clubs to play a total of 20 T10 matches over five days – Monday to Friday.

All matches will be televised around the globe to provide worldwide exposure for the Federations, their clubs and their talented players. This is all about igniting domestic cricket and it’s Clubs to grow faster than ever before.

The Dream 11 ECS will also provide a financial return to the Federations and Clubs plus an incredible set of trophies and medals from Loka Lifestyle, the craftsman behind the ECL awards, to also celebrate ECS team and personal performances.

We would like you to think of these events as “mini-ECL T10 events” which focus on your Club teams. Our first event in Alicante was a huge success and we cannot wait to stage more. Check out for a wrap up of that event and let us know ASAP if you would like to host an event with us too, as the calendar is filling fast.

3. European Cricket Network (ECN)

We have spent the lockdown time productively, ramping up our all new “European Cricket Network” with a relaunch of our website In the coming weeks, our new Android and iOS mobile apps will be launched as well. We have a team of people working to bring your stories to the wider European cricket community. If your Federation, Clubs or players would like to be featured on the site, please let us know, as we are always looking to report great new cricket related stories and to spread positive cricket related news around Europe and to the world.

4. European Cricket Family (ECF)

We started the “European Cricket Family” initiative to help support our European cricket community in becoming stronger together in these challenging times. The Coronavirus pandemic has reminded us that community, care and support for each other is what is essential to move forward. The European Cricket Family movement has been featured on our European Cricket Network website and is something we will continue to support and develop for whenever our community finds an extra special time and need to support each other.

5. European Cricket Studio (Studio)

We have launched a Live Talk Show! The show introduces fantastically entertaining cricket guests and interesting interviews. This is a show not to be missed by the European cricket community and can be watched on Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu each week from 17:00 CEST on Instagram at our profile handle @EuropeanCricket. If you would like your Federation, Club or know someone who would be a great guest for the Show, just let us know.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, everyone should tune in this Monday at 5pm CEST to hear directly from Daniel Weston about the big ECL21 news and an interview with guest Joe Gatting, captain of England and Wales (ECB) Champions Swardeston CC. – The Live Show will only be visible on mobile and within the Instagram app and then will be posted to our ECN website within 24 hours of completion for delayed viewing.

Last week’s not to be missed interview with Belgium coach and V.O.C. Rotterdam player Corey Rutgers can be found at


Finally, there is a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel and we are most confident that together we can bring our game back a little sooner than expected. Once we get Corona out, cricket will be the winner. We here at the ECL, ECN, ECS, ECF and Studio are proud to be your partner in growing our great game of cricket in Europe.

We wish you the best of health and wellbeing.

Daniel Weston

Roger Feiner


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