Peter Lambert faces the Swardeston Q&As


Peter Lambert

Swardeston’s Peter Lambert faces the latest probing questions. All you need to know about game preparation, coaching advice and The Lambo Special.


2014 Swardeston’s batting stats

Ranked 2 – total runs 1,105,  highest score 129, average 39.46

2014 Swardeston’s bowling stats

Ranked 14 – overs 119.5, maidens 15, runs 491, wickets 22, best bowling 4/29, economy rate 4.11, average 22.32

Key facts 

  • Born – April 13 1990 in Great Yarmouth
  • Major teams – Swardeston CC, Norfolk CCC
  • Batting style – Right-hand bat
  • Bowling Style – Right-arm filth/Golden Arm/Off spin

Q What is your nickname and please explain its significance?

A. Lambo – pretty self explanatory

Q What’s your taste in music, have you any singing or song writing talent!

A. Anything I can have a little jig to, which apparently seems to be everything on a Saturday night. 

I have been told I have the worst singing voice known to man or beast, so a resounding NO! But that does not matter when we win and the winning song is started! I have also been known to do a bit of Karaoke on a Friday night with Tommo when the situation arises.

Q What’s your most proud cricket achievement?

A. Winning the Cockspur National T20 with the mighty Swardeston Aces live on Sky Sports at the Rose Bowl. That will stay with me for the rest of my life, if I ever do forget I will just put the DVD on… Again!

Q What surprised you most about Swardeston when you joined the team and what’s your favourite clubhouse meal and why?

A . How we always ‘find a way’ to win.

Easy answer – The Lambo Special! I recommend this to all! It is only £5.00 and does a great job! (should definitely be getting commission for this Big Pete)

Q What do you miss most about Swardeston Cricket Club when the season is over?

A. The winning, the people and the banter. Great club atmosphere!

Q With a coaching cap on, what one tip would you pass on to our juniors?

A. Always play to win! As the age old cliché goes – Never give up ! Cricket is a funny game. Always believe you can win.Jaden Hatwell

Q What’s the biggest difference between playing cricket in the EAPL for your Club, compared with playing for Norfolk County Cricket and how do you prepare for each challenge?

A. It is an honour to play for your county but I have only achieved this by playing hard and winning with Swardeston! Obviously playing cricket for Norfolk involves playing 3 day matches which certainly is a different challenge both physically and mentally

I try and prepare myself the same for every match, whether this involves a quick fire T20 or a long 3 day match.

Q Peter Lambert you scored 13,500 hits in a Google search, 500 more than the captain, why do you think this is or are you also a computer whiz kid?

A. I have always been one for quantity rather than quality!

Q What other sports do you enjoy playing and would recommend to youngster to play and which may compliment their cricket?

A. I love playing most sports! During the winter months I play football for Gorleston FC. I also play squash, golf and go to the gym. For me I enjoy playing all sports and would try my hand at any sport.

For the youngsters, I would advise to play as many sports as you can as this will help keep you physically and mentally fit. It will also help you improve your all round skills when it comes to cricket.

Q How did your love of cricket blossom, do your family or relatives play?

A. I always played cricket since I can remember. My Brother and I used to play in the back garden with the old man. He used to play for Belton CC and got over 10,000 runs for them. Hopefully this could be a feat I can achieve with Swardeston.

Q How do you prepare on the morning before an all-day match, please describe from the time you awake until crossing the boundary rope.

A. – Preparation consists of a bacon and egg sandwich in the morning.

 – Getting to the changing rooms (normally fashionably late)

– Having a catch on last weekend’s/weeks shenanigans with the lads (Jezwar – I am looking at you)

– Have a standard relaxed warm up;

– Listen to Tommo’s legendary pre-match talk – “Get to 250 as quick as possible and then hit out”.

– Try and go out and follow the advice above.

– Most importantly, I always go out to win no matter the situation!

Whey the Lads!

 Swardeston v Horsford-30


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