A XI roll back the years… well nearly!


Some old friends were re-acquainted on the cricket field this weekend for the A XI fixture at Horsford. With the club facing an unavailability list numbering 15, it was time to call on a few ‘old favourites’ to help the club in it’s hour of need. Once the blue rinse brigade arrived & were aided from their disability bus by their helpers, they were able to rest before taking the field for a rememberance team photograph.

Standing left to right are Tony Bailey (40), Donald Drepaulsingh (43), Chris Kennard (49), Phil Kerridge (41), Josh Waterman (15), Chris Watts (39) & David Basingthwaite (umpire).

Seated left to right are Stuart Bartram (45), Mark Taylor (47), the captain Stuart Shearing (44), Dean Tilford (37) & Kevin Cooper (44).

Josh was just out of nappies when this lot began playing together & without him in the team the average of the side that took the field at Manor Park was 43! It should be pointed out that the other three teams featured many more of the youth policy so vibrant within the club, including eight of the eleven at Kirkley being twenty & under.

Unfortunately the A XI team were unable to avoid defeat to a tenacious Horsford side, despite looking like they were going to take the game to the wire with a dozen overs remaining.

As you would expect the team spirit was excellent on the day, so congratulations & thanks to all for putting the club before family and allowing us to fulfill the fixture.

Don’t forget, pension day is Thursday week!


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