2016 Club Fantasy Cricket League announced


Swardeston CC Fantasy Cricket 2016

Fancy pitting your wits and judgment against others in the club? Well then organiser Ben Shearing has announced details for this summer’s Fantasy Cricket competition.


  • £5 entry fee per team
  • 11 players per team
  • Teams must consist of 4/5 batsman, 1 wicketkeeper, 1 all rounder and 4/5 bowlers
  • You may nominate a captain who will score double points
  • Bowlers score 5 points per wicket; Batsmen score 1 point per run
  • Catches = 2 points – Run Outs = 5 points – Stumping = 5 points
  • 15 bonus points are awarded to players who score 100s or take 5 wicket hauls.
  • You may only select players from the categories for their respective roles. Any players NOT listed may be picked at a set value of £2 million.
  • You have a £60 million budget and your total team value must not exceed this budget.


  • Cash prizes for top 3 finishers – to be decided.
  • Needless to say: the more entries, the bigger the prize…

***Points will be based upon all statistics posted on the play-cricket site***

Team Sheets to be handed/e-mailed to Ben Shearing (benjaminshearing@btinternet.com) by Saturday 14 May 2016 with entry fee.

What are you waiting for?

Download Swardeston CC Fantasy Cricket 2016 in doc format.

Download Swardeston CC Fantasy Cricket 2016 in pdf format.


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