The First XI: Eleven questions with Sam Thelwell


DOB: 5 December 1989
Player type: Seamer turned batsman
Nationality: British
Playing role: Poor man’s Joe Gatting of the 3rds
Teams: Swardeston, Old Catton, Mulbarton, Norfolk
Career best batting: 104 v Brooke
Career best bowling: 7-29 v Burwell

  1. What is your proudest cricket achievement?
    Being asked to join Swardeston after the Challenge Cup final in 2006 whilst playing for Mulbarton and the Rosebowl 2010.
  1. Who is the best cricketer you have played with?
    Joe Gatting (can’t quite say Lewis Gooderham).
  1. What is your favourite ground other than The Common?
  1. What one tip (advice) would you pass on to our juniors?
    Enjoy the game.
  1. How did your love of cricket blossom and develop, do your family or relatives play?
    Playing with my Dad in the garden. My Dad and Nan both played to a decent standard in the Northwest/Wales.
  1. Do you have a nickname, and if so please explain its significance? 
    Melman/Mellers – due to my giraffe type stature. Some members/parents don’t know my real name.
  1. Which team-mate has the best taste in clothes?
    Lewis Denmark – spends a fair bit too.
  1. Which team-mate is the tidiest in the changing room?
    Lewis Denmark – OCD.
  1. Which team-mate has the best taste in music?
    George Walker – good playlists in the club.
  1. In your opinion who is the funniest player at the club? 
    Harry Thomas.
  1. What other sports do you enjoy playing and would recommend to youngster to play and which may complement their cricket? 
    I enjoy cycling and running. Most sports will support an element of cricket. The most important thing is to enjoy whatever you do.

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