The First XI: Eleven questions with Callum Taylor


DOB: 26/06/1997
Player type: Competitive
Nationality: British
Playing Role: Batting All-rounder
Teams: England U19s, Essex CCC, Swardeston CC, Mount Lawley DCC (Perth)
Career best batting: 212
Career best bowling: 6-40

1. What is your proudest cricket achievement?
Representing England U19s in a World Cup.

2. Who is the best cricketer you have played with?
Alastair Cook.

3. What is your favourite ground other than The Common?
Trent Bridge.

4. What one tip (advice) would you pass on to our juniors?
To be a sponge and take on as much information as you can.

5. How did your love of cricket blossom and develop, do your family or relatives play?
In the garden with my 2 older brothers and friends & fortunately all 3 of us have all played together.

6. Do you have a nickname, and if so please explain its significance?
Chappy, apparently I look like Glen Chapple.

7. Which team-mate has the best taste in clothes?
Well it’s definitely not Alfie Cooper.

8. Which team-mate is the tidiest in the changing room?
Denners 100%, definitely not Gatt or Graysie as I get to sit in the middle of them.

9. Which team-mate has the best taste in music?
Jeremy Elliott.

10. In your opinion who is the funniest player at the club?
The quizmaster himself George Walker.

11. What other sports do you enjoy playing and would recommend to youngster to play and which may complement their cricket?
I play pretty much every sport and I strongly believe that having done so it has helped my cricket massively.


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