Update to CIO process


As previously reported,  club members unanimously backed the proposed change of the club’s status to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation at the EGM on Thursday 16 March 2017.

As part of this process members authorised the club’s committee to transfer the assets and liabilities of the club to the CIO and then dissolve the club. The process of transferring the assets and liabilities of the club should be approved by the committee members at a meeting on Wednesday 11 October and, subject to this approval, the transfer should take place on Wednesday 1 November 2017. 

In the mean time, the club’s application for CIO status was accepted on 22 June and our Registered Charity Number is 1173532.

Finally the initial rules of the CIO are currently subject to review by the Trustees and should be approved and uploaded to this website by the end of October.

Lee Beadman
Swardeston CC


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