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 Swardeston Cricket Club’s second team overseas player in 2016 season. 

Key facts 


Daniel Poulton

DOB: 08/02/1993 
Player type: Batting All-Rounder (Seam)
Nationality: South African (Irish Passport)
Playing role: Right-handed Batsman, Right-arm Medium/Fast
Teams: Wanderers CC (Gauteng Premier League) Johannesburg

Q What is your most proud cricket achievement?
Being awarded the MVP award by my Wanderers team in 2014/2015

Q Do you have a nickname, and if so please explain its significance?
A There are a few, Poults, Poulty, DP. All 3 in relation to my name and surname.

Q What is your taste in music, do you play an instrument and have you any singing talent!
I listen to all genres of music, going through a slight rock phase at the moment, which I am enjoying a lot. I can play any instrument but I’m sure nobody would want to go through the pain of listening to it, as it wouldn’t be good at all.

Q What surprised you most about Swardeston, Norwich and what else is there to occupy yourself when not cricketing?
A I was surprised at how small the village is. I keep myself occupied by doing some gardening during the day, there is a gym close to me that I go to and occasionally I do some private coaching. I will also go into town to look around and have a shop to see if anything catches my eye.

Q What do you miss most whilst away from home and living here in Norwich?
A I miss my family and my 4 dogs as well as my friends.

Q With a coaching cap on, what one tip (advice) would you pass on to our juniors?
I always like to have some fun when I play cricket so I would say that the young cricketers at Swardeston CC need to enjoy the time they spend on the field and have fun, they are, in the end playing with people who can become lifelong friends as well.

I feel that when you have fun and enjoy yourself while playing cricket, you perform better.

Q Did you know anything about the County of Norfolk before arriving here and have there been any local phrases us Norfolk folk have used that have surprised you?
The only thing I knew about Norfolk was that Norwich City FC played their home games there. Surprisingly, I haven’t heard any phrases that I’d find out of the norm so far.

Q What’s the biggest difference between playing cricket in England compared with in South Africa?
Firstly, the weather, our summers are a lot warmer and not as windy. Playing in the cold with a jumper on was something I’d not done before in South Africa. Secondly, the wickets are less bouncy and a bit slower in England so I can mostly play on the front foot.

Q What other sports do you enjoy playing and would recommend to youngster to play and which may compliment their cricket?
A I enjoy a round of golf whenever possible. I also enjoy playing some social football or touch rugby, also some squash. I feel that all ball sports can benefit young cricketers as they pick up the coordination required for cricket from these sports and it also helps generate some extra fitness, which can only be beneficial to them.

Q How did your love of cricket blossom and develop, do your family or relatives play?
I used to bug my father when I was younger to play in the passage of our house, this started when I was around 5. He would throw the ball to me and I would just try hitting it as hard as possible. It is a sport that grew on me and I decided to stick with it. My mother used to come to all my games and she also taught me how to score. I played area cricket up until I was 13 and then started at Wanderers CC when I was 13 and have gone through the ranks there. It is a sport that I love and will always be keen for a match no matter what, I look forward to every practice and every match week after week as I see it as a way to improve my game, while having fun with friends. I feel that the continued support I get from my parents and the rest of my family helps me keep the love of the game.

No body in my direct family plays cricket, my cousin in Australia is the only one I know who does still play.

Q If you were not here playing cricket what would you be doing at home?
A I am a sports coach so I would be coaching rugby, football and hockey at a preparatory school in Johannesburg.

Q What is your favourite game on a gaming console?
A Definitely Fifa, however Battlefield and Call Of Duty are also up there.

Q Which Hollywood actor would play you in a movie and why?
A I’m going to go with Mark Wahlberg, only because he can be sporty yet he is also quite a funny guy and I am a person who always enjoys a laugh and I feel I have a good sense of humour. So those are the reasons why I would choose him.

Q in your opinion who is the funniest player at the club?
A This is toughest question of the lot. I’m going to say Graysy. He is never short of a funny chirp. Miffy comes a close second as he makes me laugh with his eccentric appeals and random chirps on the field.


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