Proposed Incorporation of Swardeston Cricket Club


To all Members of Swardeston Cricket Club

Re: Proposed Incorporation of Swardeston Cricket Club


Over the past few months, the Club Committee has been considering the legal form the club should take going forward. Having taken advice from our club sponsors, Leathes Prior Solicitors, the decision has been made to recommend to members that we incorporate the club as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (“CIO”). This structure has many benefits, including limited liability for its Members and Officers, relatively simple administration and tax advantages.

The day to day operation of the club will not be affected and it is intended that all current club Members will be entitled to become Members of the new CIO.

The first step in the process is to register the new CIO with the Charity Commission. It is envisaged that this would take place once member approval had been obtained and will be handled by Leathes Prior.

Next steps

The next step in the process would be to transfer the assets of the club from its old form to the new CIO. The old club will then need to be dissolved. In order to do this, the club committee will need the authorisation of the current club’s members at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Your authorisation will allow the Club Committee to transfer the assets and liabilities of the old club to the new CIO. This will include cash, equipment and any debts the club has incurred. The dissolution resolution will give the Club Committee authority to dissolve the old club once all the assets and liabilities have been transferred. This will allow the club to operate fully from the new CIO.

Action Points

In order to complete the steps outlined above, the Club Committee has resolved to call an Extraordinary General Meeting, the formal notice to all members is attached. This will take place on Thursday 16 March 2017 at 8pm at Swardeston Village Hall.

As part of this process, the Club Committee needs to update the register of Members to ensure that all Members of the old club become Members of the CIO. Please fill out the form attached to this note and return it to a Club Committee member to ensure that your details are up to date.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mark Taylor
Swardeston CC

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