Full Saturday league fixtures for all four teams now available


Premier XI Saturdays

East Anglian Premier League

22 April         Horsford                (h)          11am

29 April         Burwell                    (a)         11am

6 May            Vauxhall Mallards             (h)       11am

13 May           Norwich at Ingham     (a)   11am

20 May           Cambridge Granta  (h)       11am

27 May           Great Witchingham            (a)       11am

3 June            Bury St Edmunds       (h)    11am

10 June          Copdock & OI                  (a)     11am

17 June          Frinton on Sea                  (h)          11am

24 June         Mildenhall                   (a)    11am

1 July              Sudbury                       (h)     11am

8 July             Horsford                (a)          11am

15 July           Burwell                       (h)     11am

22 July          Vauxhall Mallards       (a)  11am

29 July          Norwich                    (h)       11am

5 Aug            Cambridge Granta     (a)   11am

12 Aug          Great Witchingham   (h)   11am

19 Aug          Bury St Edmunds     (a)       11am

26 Aug          Copdock & OI           (h)   11am

2 Sept           Frinton on Sea                  (a)     11am

9 Sept         Mildenhall                   (h)    11am

16 Sept   Sudbury                       (a)     11am

Home games played at The Common, Swardeston


1st XI Saturdays

Norfolk Alliance Division 1

29  Apr           Lowestoft      C       (h)         1.00pm

6  May          Thetford                   (a)     1.00pm

13  May           Stow                   C      (h)      1.00pm

20  May          Norwich ‘A’                        (a)          1.00pm

27  May          Diss                    H      (h)      1.00pm

3  June         Bradfield                     (a)     1.00pm

10  June         V Mallards  ‘A’   H       (h)   1.00pm

17  June         Mattishall                       (a) 1.00pm

24  June        Dereham            C       (h)     1.00pm

1  July          Lowestoft                   (a)      1.00pm

8  July          Thetford                    C      (h)          1.00pm

15  July          Stow                              (a)    1.00pm

22  July         Norwich ‘A’               H       (h)         1.00pm

29  July         Diss                             (a)      1.00pm

5  Aug          Bradfield                C      (h) 1.00pm

12 Aug          V Mallards ‘A’             (a)   1.00pm

19 Aug          Mattishall           C    (h)       12.30pm

26 Aug         Dereham                     (a)    12.30pm

Home games played at The Common & Hilltops Swardeston


A XI Saturdays

Norfolk Alliance Division 3

29 April         Fakenham ‘A’      H      (h)   1.00pm

6 May           Winterton                    (a)     1.00pm

13 May           O Buckenham’A’     H      (h)         1.00pm

20 May           Acle ‘A’                        (a)     1.00pm

27 May           Bungay                 C  (h)       1.00pm

29 May          Winterton             C     (h)     1.00pm

3 June           Gt Melton                     (a)    1.00pm

10 June          Sprowston ‘A’       C     (h)    1.00pm

17 June          Martham                      (a)         1.00pm

24 June         North Runcton ‘A’  H           (h)       1.00pm

1 July           Fakenham ‘A’               (a)   1.00pm

15 July          Old Buckenham’A’       (a)  1.00pm

22 July          Acle ‘A’                      C     (h)           1.00pm

29 July          Bungay                         (a)    1.00pm

5 Aug           Gt Melton                  H     (h)           1.00pm

12 Aug           Sprowston ‘A’              (a)        1.00pm

19 Aug           Martham               H     (h)   12.30pm

26 Aug           North Runcton ‘A’        (a)   12.30pm

Home games played at  The Common & Hilltops Swardeston


Swardeston CEYMS

Norfolk Alliance Division 5

29 April       Lowestoft ‘A’                     (a)          1.00pm

6 May      Bradenham ‘A’             (h)     1.00pm

13 May           Hockwold                       (a)     1.00pm

20 May           Norwich ‘B’                 (h)     1.00pm

27 May           Snettisham                 (a)     1.00pm

3 June         Cromer ‘A’                          (h)          1.00pm

10 June         Mattishall ‘A’                        (a)       1.00pm

17 June         Old Catton                      (h) 1.00pm

24 June         Gt Melton ‘A’                        (a)       1.00pm

1 July           Lowestoft  ‘A’                    (h)          1.00pm

8 July           Bradenham ‘A’                     (a)       1.00pm

15 July          Hockwold                    (h)    1.00pm

22 July          Norwich ‘B’                 (a)     1.00pm

29 July          Snettisham            (h)          1.00pm

5 Aug           Cromer ‘A’                          (a)          1.00pm

12 Aug           Mattishall ‘A’                     (h)          1.00pm

19 Aug           Old Catton             (a)   12.30pm

26 Aug           Gt Melton ‘A’                        (h)   12.30pm

Home games played at Hilltops, Swardeston


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